Bloomington native reports the news: HeraldTimesOnline.com

David Shuster has spent most of the past month covering hurricanes Katrina and Rita. And the Bloomington native and television correspondent admits he's really not that fond of catastrophe reporting.

"I'd rather get slugged by an angry politician than hit over the head with a piece of flying debris," he said from Washington, D.C., last Friday. "I'm a wimp when it comes to that kind of stuff."

The NBC and MSNBC reporter did appreciate being pulled off the Hurricane Rita story to hustle over to Sugarland, Texas, to cover the grand jury indictment of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. "That's what I feel most comfortable with," he explained, "the political corruption sort of story."..

Shuster will return to Bloomington this week to speak on the topic, "TV News Rediscovers Its Critical Voice: A Look at the Way That Coverage of the Bush Administration Has Changed Since 9/11." The talk will begin at 4 p.m. Thursday in the atrium of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs on the Indiana University campus.

When asked whether he would have had that opportunity while working at Fox, Shuster laughed, remained silent for a pregnant pause and said, "No. The answer is no."

He went on to recount his six-year tenure at Fox. "At the time I started at Fox, I thought, this is a great news organization to let me be very aggressive with a sitting president of the United States (Bill Clinton),"...

"With the change of administration in Washington, I wanted to do the same kind of reporting, holding the (Bush) administration accountable, and that was not something that Fox was interested in doing," he said.
Bloomington native reports the news: HeraldTimesOnline.com


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