Beck to purported torturer: "I appreciate your service... [Media Matters]

The caller identified himself only as "Mitch," a name he later admitted was false.

From the October 6 broadcast of The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: And what would you -- like, what kind of tools would you use? What was your method and what worked the best?

"MITCH": Well, I had three or four that worked the best. I mean -- you've had your eyes dilated before?

BECK: Yeah.

"MITCH": Well, with simple masking tape or duct tape, you dilate the eyes, and they you use halogen lamps, and a person is placed in a rigid position where they cannot move. Their eyes are opened and the halogen lamps, you know, they're producing 40,000 watts. It's intense. And that breaks them down. High-pressure water -- I mean, you've heard the term "drinking from a fire hose." I wouldn't do that. That generally wouldn't extract what you want, and usually would drown somebody quickly. But you can use high-water pressure into one ear, and when that first ear drum is broken with, you know, 14 or 15 hundred pounds of water pressure going in, the don't -- they will talk before that second ear drum is broken.

Beck to purported torturer: "I appreciate your ... [Media Matters]


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