Army PR officer posed as "soldier" on Bush's "impromptu" teleconference

Army PR officer posed as "soldier" on Bush's "impromptu" teleconference.! Hillarious and sad at the same time. Sigh.... -- law

Bush — what a newsmaker. In the true sense of the word. This morning, he made it up.

The videoconference his handlers set up with U.S. soldiers in Iraq was staged, as the AP's Deb Reichmann just pointed out.

But here's another part of the flack attack you may not know: The soldier on the left side of the front row was actually a flack herself, though she didn't reveal it during the regime's 24-minute infomercial.

Her name is Corine Lombardo.. [who] as my sharp-eyed colleague David Axe tipped me ..probably sees more action watching CNN than action: "I'm glad Lombardo is safe, and I mean her no harm, and it's nothing personal, but I don't believe a fucking word she says, because her job is to make the Bush regime look good"

(For a sample of her work, see Iraqi army graduates mark transfer of responsibility from Task Force Liberty, By Master Sgt. Corine Lombardo, 42nd Infantry Division Public Affairs)

The Village Voice: The Bush Beat


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