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I am not in Iraq and I am not currently in the Army and I am not getting my ass shot at. This site is in compliance with MNC-I #9 as per FICI-CE-I, DoD Directive 5230.9 and AR 25-1, etcetera etcetera andsoforth.

yesteryear's yossarian

Word's goin' round. There's been a crackdown. We're not supposed to be doin' this anymore. This writin' stuff. Big no-no. Conscience-burdened keyboard confessionalists are being encouraged to think twice before acting on urges to share thoughts, insights, observations... opinions. Best not to have any of those. Be a good little shmo, do your blue collar kevlar job; change tires, burn shit, drive trucks, pump gas, ratchet wrenches, trudge through the dust. Die. And keep your clap shut. Be a good little stooge.

Course, they're attempting to control the flow of information, to control perceptions. There seems to be some other subterfuge, trying to smoke us out, shut us down, but you know what? It's a big-ass Internet... and my grasp of language is disproportionate to my ambition. Bottom line is, basically if you ain't passing out Teddy Bears or soccer balls to war orphans, DOD doesn't want to hear about it.

When I was told, encouraged, not to share with the group, I thought it high time to fire up the ol' keyboard. Actually, the impetus for this came after I got drafted. No, that wasn't it either. Actually, this all started after it was suggested writing might be therapeutic. Of course, I'm not the first to see this thing here as a way out. There was cbftw. Then they shut him down. Apparently old CB done good and got hisself a book deal outta this shit. Good deal bro. Hope all the fucked up shit's in it. For real.

At any rate, fuckers ain't shuttin' me down. Fuck that.

What they've suggested, very politely, is that we submit our digitized ruminations to command. Not censorship mind you. Just registration. Like, you go up to the colonel's desk, hat in hand, click your heals and announce in a respectful voice, "SIR! Specialist -------- is informing the colonel that he will be going online and telling the world he thinks this war is a crock of fucking shit and command has its head up its ass and the Army is fucked, SIR." And the colonel will look up, annoyed as fuck, and go, "Is that all?" and I'll go, "SIR, the writing will be heavily laced with profanity, expletives, offensive language and comments disparaging of the Army and chain of command... SIR." And the colonel, all busy and preoccupied signing award forms for the lifers clutching their coffee mugs back in the TOC will sigh and go, "Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention son. Best of luck with your web page." Is their story. Right. So here's my story...

american short-timer


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