you look like you are going to crumble right here in front of us

It was "funny" -- and by funny, I mean shocking and bizarre -- to watch this press appearance and to listen to the questions from the press, because everyone seemed to be in a state of stunned empathic embarrassment for the man.

The tension in the room was palpable.

And no one wanted to ask the question, the only question probably anyone cared about at this point:

"Hey, man, are you doing okay? Because you look like you are going to crumble right here in front of us."

This is scary stuff ...

We all know that the White House is full of Karl Rove's cast-off rent boys. We all know that there is a pipeline of no-bid contracts sending our children's college money and our retirement money to George Bush's friends. We all know that there is scandal after scandal after scandal oozing out of this administration -- Did Abramoff have that guy murdered or what?

But the scariest and most shocking thing that I've seen in a long time was George Bush's appearance in that video.

Being president is supposed to age you, but it's not supposed to totally trash you from head to toe, rob you of your ability to speak in full sentences and reduce you to a mumbling, drooling, shaking idiot.

Something is wrong.

Daily Kos: The Question No One Dares Ask George Bush


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