Why I don't believe LIHOP

L - Let
I - It (9/11)
H - Happen
O - On
P - Purpose

Not that it doesn't make sense. It is just to horrific and painful to contemplate the possibility that we have in the White House people capable of letting a man made volcanic eruption shower New Yorkers with the ashes of 2,900 of their comrades. I just can't do it. To do so would fill me with so much worry and despair that I decided, consciously, to look the other way.

I tell you this particular tidbit because I believe this is the reason so many Americans refuse to see any wrongs on Bush: It is just too painful and worrisome to face the possibility.

Daily Kos: Abramoff and Able danger: [w/ poll] Why Atta's face was covered before 9/11 and Able danger dismantl


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