Whiskey Bar: Pinch and Judy Show

Bleargh! Did Billmon HAVE to photoshop Judy as Joan of Arc ? Ewwwww!!! Great post other than that. -- law

St. Judy, the Martyr of Times Square, decided to squat in jail for 85 days, and only then talk to Libby on the phone to confirm that the waiver was "freely given." And now, thanks to that one phone call, she's ready to spill her guts to the grand jury? Does this make sense?

I mean, how does she know one of Jack Abramoff's business associates wasn't standing behind Scooter holding a gun to his head?

Maybe she was just disappointed that she wasn't attracting a better class of visitors.

You definitely get the feeling there are many things the New Pravda is not sharing -- perhaps having to do with exactly what was required to get Scooter to verbally confirm a carefully worded written waiver that was never really intended to be acceptable, even to Judy Miller. Or maybe even nastier devils are hiding in the details...

Whiskey Bar: Pinch and Judy Show


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