Whiskey Bar: Now Comes Miller Time

It appears Karl Rove isn't the only meat machine with a Terminator on its tail:

Lawyers in the CIA leaks investigation are concerned that special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald may seek criminal contempt charges against New York Times reporter Judith Miller, a rare move that could significantly lengthen her time in jail . . .

Legal experts who have monitored the public twists of Fitzgerald's investigation say the prosecutor has been relentless in running down every fact, an approach that may increase the chances he would seek criminal contempt.

"I think Judith Miller is in much graver danger than she might be otherwise, because this prosecutor seems to want to pursue every avenue with a vengeance," said Mary Cheh, a professor of criminal law at George Washington University. "I'd be very worried."

At this point, Judy would have to be deeper into the Vicodan than Rush Limbaugh to not be very worried.

Whiskey Bar: Now Comes Miller Time


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