Want another proof the American Taliban is based on hipocrisy ?

Monsignor Clark has had a big tabloid hour. The husband of the monsignor's secretary engaged a private eye to follow them around. The detective made a videotape that showed the monsignor and the secretary entering a motel on Long Island and leaving five hours later, wearing different clothes. The husband turned the tape over as supporting data in a lawsuit asking the court to end his marriage, and to assign to him ownership of their house and custody over their two children.

It is lurid stuff, especially because Monsignor Clark is a singular figure.... His eloquence resulted in a regular television program. Attention has focused on a talk he gave in 1999 under the title "Falling, Being, and Staying in Love." It was a tough statement striking out at the popular culture. "Hollywood is not a Christian place at all, at all, at all. Most of the writers, the creative people, are homosexually inclined or homosexually recruited." These folk are "the enemy of Christian marriage and Christian falling in love and all the tenderness that goes with that. They are saying, 'Don't pay attention to that business of permanence and fidelity.'"

Such tongues as could be expected to wag under the circumstances lost no time in doing so. But what was the cardinal to do? In a matter of days, Monsignor Clark resigned his exalted post at St. Patrick's. And admitted his lapse?

[And now comes the pitiful defense from the reich wing author -- law]

Oh no. He said that he had been up to nothing more venal than letting his secretary, tired after a full morning of sorting books and a full lunch, have a nap on the beach before driving the 80 miles back to New York City. He hardly made it a point to draw attention to other factors one would think relevant, but others did. Namely, the monsignor is 79 years old, has had prostate cancer, and is presumably past the age of frolic. [So the hypocrite monsegnor is a dirty old man and a liar, what else is new ? Prostate Cancer recovery didn't stop drudge and reich wingers from smearing John Kerry with a ficticious affair. It does not make a man uncapable of sex -- law]

Sometime, somewhere, a court will listen to the divorce suit against the secretary, and one prays for exoneration. But the problems of Monsignor Clark don't get adjourned until then. He lives under a very black cloud. It is one that presents extraordinary problems to his friends, who include this writer.



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