US State Dept: not quite there yet about what we want to say about Katrina

Alberto Fernandez, the top public diplomacy officer in the State Department's Middle East bureau, told a Washington conference last week that apart from thanking countries for donations and planning to send jazz bands overseas, the administration was "not quite there yet about what we want to say" to foreign audiences about the disaster.

Media in the Muslim world, including nations Hughes will visit, have focused on the plight of poor, predominantly black Americans and accused the administration of insensitivity and ineptness.

Karen Hughes

The website of Arab satellite TV station Al-Jazeera accused the U.S. government of committing genocide because of its slow response to those who couldn't flee the storm.

"The biggest power in the world is rising over poor black corpses," the Turkish newspaper Radikal wrote on Sept. 5. "We are witnessing the collapse of the American mythology."

Hughes embarks on 'listening tour' to patch U.S. image - Yahoo! News


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