Troops who approached New Orleans had orders to "lock and load"

Also from the Guardian. This is absurd!!! Why do Bushies fear the poor so much ? A guilty conscience ? Proof The GOP knows they are waging a class war. They know who gets to die when you "starve the beast"... -- law

..when the first convoy of national guardsmen went into New Orleans approached the convention centre they were ordered to "lock and load".

But when they arrived they were confronted not by armed mobs but a nurse wearing a T-shirt that read "I love New Orleans". "She ran down a broken escalator, then held her hands in the air when she saw the guns," wrote the LA Times. "We have sick kids up here!" she shouted.

"We have dehydrated kids! One kid with sickle cell!"

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Murder and rape - fact or fiction?


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