Transparent Grid: Leadership by a Non-Reader

How can any country accept a non-reader as a Prez ?!?!? -- law

TG blogs:

I guess we couldn’t expect a man who doesn’t read papers to be aware of troubling things like facts, but his statement Thursday morning to Diane Sawyer is beyond the norm of an exceedingly stupid person:

“I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.”

Kaspit points out that the Times-Picayune series by Mark Shleifstein, “Washed Away,” that I was able to extensively excerpt before the paper’s servers went down, actually won several awards:

“won the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2003 Excellence in Media award and the 2003 National Hurricane Conference media award. It also was a finalist for the 2003 Edward J. Meeman Award for Environmental Reporting for newspapers with over 100,000 circulation. He also recently received the Governor’s Award from the Louisiana Wildlife Federation, presented annually to the person or organization deemed to have made the most outstanding contribution toward the protection and wise use of the state’s natural resources.”

But if the president chose not to read, there would still have been T.V. and that evil messenger of the liberal causes, Bill Moyers. His show Now broadcast a story on 9/20/02 called “City in a Bowl.” Much like the Schleifstein article, it didn’t prophesize but rationally predicted what happened Monday..

Transparent Grid � Leadership by a Non-Reader


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