This week's top 10 posts

1 - Daily Kos: The Case to Impeach George W. Bush. (Updated)

2 - Daily Kos: [UPDATED] Lake New Orleans is Bush's Fault & I Can Prove It (Research Material)

3 - We make porn videos. They make snuff movies
This post is one of my most popular. I wonder why. The embarassing thing about it is that it isn't mine. My only contribution to James Kunstler words was the title

4 - Daily Kos: Plaquemines Parish

5 - Invasion of the Isolationists - New York Times

6 - Breaking: Condi Rice Spends Salary on Shoes and Other condoleezza rice Stories : Gawker

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Another popular post, although I posted it here merely as a bookmark

8 - How Bush Blew It - Newsweek Hurricane Katrina Coverage - MSNBC.com

9 - History of Radiological Terrorism

10 - A Typical Day For A Bush Lover!


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