Oldman1787's Blog: Why I detest Kerry

I don't detest Kerry, but I feel the same pain and anger in my heart Oldman feels for his less than 24 hour concession to preserve his 2008 electability. As IF! Who would vote in the loser Ross Perot of the left ? His mom and Theresa and that's probably stretching... What I feel about Kerry is sadness and pity. The reason he conceded was to preserve his career, but by doing it the way he did it he just smashed all his accomplishments and honorable past to bits, sacrifycing principle for another chance at the podium... Like Nader, he made himself a "has been" instantly at that moment, and stained his own lifetime reputation of courage and principles. Such a shame he had to end up this way... Sigh... -- law

I would like to apologize to any supporters of John Kerry, apparently I made a mistake when I accused him of blowing a spies' cover...

What did I learn from my mistake? I learned that I had an emotional feeling that I detested John Kerry because I felt that he didn't fight hard enough after the election. I detested him for it because I felt that even at the end of a long and honored career he felt it apparently more important to preserve his status within the system than to sacrifice his own personal good for the common cause. I detested him because I felt that if at the end of such a long and honored career and with such a relatively light penalty - ending a career to go into private life at the same time when most people retire - that he could not sacrifice then who or when or how was there going to be a time when someone could do it? If he could not do it with so little to lose then when would be the time when someone could do it?

Furthermore I detested him because he put himself forth as a leader of courage and conviction but he folded without a fight for what I believe to be to merely cling to power. I think he would have lost, but that his fighting would have made a difference in improving the American electoral system.

I do not pretend that such a choice would have been easy. I know my own agony over clinging to things that I thought mine by right when the soul prompts another path. However that is what divides human beings from animals. Animals are often nicer than human beings, but they cannot help but be what they are. Human beings are sentient, ensouled, precisely because we have free will. And free will is ability to mold our characters by going against the grain, by refusing the obvious or path of least resistance, and the ability to define who and what we will be.

Yet because I detested his failure I was too quick to believe an accusation against him without checking it out.

Oldman1787's Blog: Why I Made A Mistake and How I View it


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