N.Y. Times Reporter Judy Miller Testifies in CIA Leak Case - It was Libby

How nice of Libby to remember she has been in jail for 3 months! Of course, it could be that she is fed up, so Libby didn't have any choice in the matter and "released her" just to save face. -- law

N.Y. Times Reporter Testifies in CIA Leak Case
Miller Says Source Released Her From Pledge of Confidentiality

By William Branigin, Susan Schmidt and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, September 30, 2005; 3:33 PM

New York Times reporter Judith Miller testified today before a federal grand jury investigating the leak of a covert CIA agent's identity and said afterward she agreed to end her stay in jail and cooperate with the probe after receiving a personal go-ahead from her source and a prosecutor's promise that her testimony would be limited.

Miller, speaking to reporters on the steps of the federal courthouse in Washington, said her source had released her from a pledge of confidentiality through "a personal letter and, most important, a telephone call to me at the jail." This personal communication went beyond a general waiver that she had previously rejected and assured her that "my source genuinely wanted me to testify," she said.

fter she received this "personal, voluntary waiver," Miller said, her lawyer approached the special prosecutor in the leak investigation and received an assurance that her testimony would be narrowly limited to her communications with the source. She did not mention the source's name in her brief appearance on the courthouse steps, but he has been identified previously as I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, chief of staff for Vice President Cheney. Libby called Miller at the jail in Northern Virginia last week, according to his lawyer.

"I served 85 days in jail because of my belief in the importance of upholding the confidential relationship journalists have with their sources," Miller said..

Miller, 57, was released from the Alexandria Detention Center shortly after 4 p.m. yesterday after her attorney, Robert S. Bennett, reached an agreement on her testimony with special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald, according to two lawyers familiar with the case. She had been in jail since July 6.

N.Y. Times Reporter Testifies in CIA Leak Case


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