No Vendetta against Bush

a comment Posted by: oldman on Newberry's blog is right on the money on why we must leave an escape route for disilusioned Bushies -- law

Rove is the first step on a long road toward the impeachment that Democrats and progessives have long been hungering for against this criminal Administration.

There is every probability that they will get what they want now, because Karl is the key to everything including eventually proving that the 2000 election was stolen.

However they should be extremely careful what they wish for, because while it is possible to completely destroy Bush in this manner it is not possible to do so without tearing the nation apart. At some point a treaty and a less than full prosecution of all crimes may have to be reached in exchange for a capitualtion. Democrats should think seriously about this option and what to ask for and what they will not settle less for than.

Because pursuing victory to the end with a cornered man is not the best strategy. As Sun Tzu said long ago, allow him a route of escape and harry him from behind to better slaughter him.

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