Newberry: Towards a Bright Horizon - National Sustainabilty Drive

Towards a Bright Horizon: National Sustainabilty Drive
by Stirling Newberry

We believe in an Open America, one that is open for business and the free movement of goods and people. To remain open, this must be a sustainable America - with sustainable energy and agriculture.

It is time to put aside the Republican party of pessimism, that either hopes to drill one more well, or place its faith in manana energy initiatives. It is time to set America to work on the task of a sustainable America, in energy, agriculture and the environment. This is a piece of the puzzle in reaching an Open America. (See also Towards a Bright Horizon: National Community Initiative.)

The purpose of this series is to create outlines for a series of progress bills, that will attract additional sections designed to advance important national needs.

National Sustainability Act


The purpose of this act is to mandate sustainability and scaleability of energy and agricultural practices.

Title I

The Secretary of Energy shall develop a schedule for the transitioning of the US passenger vehicle fleet to hybrid vehicles.

The Secretary of Transporation shall develop a schedule of CAFE increases to reduce oil consumption for passenger transporation by 15% during this transition.

The EPA is charged with creating requirements to meet the Kyoto Accord until the Senate ratifies same.

The Secretary of Transportation shall implement a priority research program, submitting budget requirements and timetables to Congress by next fiscal year to remove the particular pollution problem of diesel.

Title II

The Blogging of the President


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