Newberry: Cons dumping Bush because he's done for them all they think he can do

More from the Seven Days article -- law

..while the Downing Street Memos are far more damning, it is [the Plame] investigation - into the partisanization of the government - that will be the most dangerous. This is because a third of the country doesn't belive party is necessary to run the government. They are wrong, but they are right in demanding that the party runs the government, but not that the government is run for the benefit of the party. As soon as this third of the public smells the point where party has become faction - they rebel, and rightfully so...

the whole sorry plot is coming to light. In no small part because much of what is being revealed was known by insiders, and the question was only whether the public deserved to be told...

Plame is the moment when a lot of people are being asked to take the shaft. The attempt to blame "bad intelligence" for WMD, particularly when CIA has already been put underneath a new neo-con master who reports directly to the political authority rather than the executive authority - created the first incentive not to go along...

[there is] a general feeling in the country that the next two years represent a payoff, and Bush can only get in the way.

Ironically it is not that the economy is headed south that is killing Bush, but the feeling by many that [the economy] hangs by a delicate thread, and they don't want anyone coming in and screwing up their chance to cash out. Ironically, the public is pushing Bush off the stage, because he's done for them all they think he can do. As a result, Bush is being hobbled, not by his enemies, but by those who he bribed to get on board. The people who once upon a time bought, or at least didn't short, Rove's gamesmanship, are precisely the people who have left Bush. His hard core partisans are still with him - eating up byzantine explanations as to how Rove did nothing wrong by contorted parsings of actions and government statutes. The screaming is going on. But this isn't an emotional issue, this isn't a mom and apple pie moment.

Instead there is something hard and cold about the public's rejection of Bush, one that is driving the peculiar nature of the unfolding scandal. No amount of freep screaming will slow it down. But no amount of partisan Democratic attacks will speed it up. Instead, what the Democrats should do is work to metastisize the cancer - make Rove spread outward, and compound Abramoff and Coingate as signs that "In Gop We Trust" needs to be taken off the coin of the realm...

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