Little People -A Variety of the "Almost Here Beings"

A more baffling archeological find occurred in the later 1800s in Britain. Hundreds of tiny flint tools were found in the Pennine hills of east Lancashire, all of them no larger than half an inch long. These tiny tools included scrapers, borers, and crescent shaped knives. The craftsmanship of the tools was extremely fine. In many cases, a magnifying glass was needed to detect evidences of the flaking process which was used to bring these instruments to a sharp point. None of the tiny tools found seemed practical for performing the tasks that our "normal- sized" ones are intended for. Because of this, some speculated that these were ritualistic miniature replicas...but what ritual might that be, and why were these tools so small? Is it possible that these tiny tools were made by similarly small people?

Corresponding with the global legends, of "little people", tiny tools similar to the ones found in Lancashire have been found worldwide, including Devon and Suffolk, in England, also in Egypt, Africa, Australia, France, Italy, and India. These artifacts are little talked about, outside of certain small circles, for some reason...

If one will read the book "Mad Bear: Spirit, Healing, and the Sacred in the Life of a Native American Medicine Man" by Doug Boyd (no relation to the writer), one will encounter the interesting understanding of the indigenous Holy Man, Mad Bear, that a miniature race of beings whom Mad Bear calls ``The Little People'' has evolved side by side with humans. Mad Bear presented the anthropologist author, Doug Boyd, a skull the size of a ping-pong ball to physically prove his thesis.

If you, in your wanderings in Nature happen upon an encounter with some diminutive little people, treat 'em kindly. Then they'll be nice to you...

And when such an event might happen, treat it as an opportunity to discover the beauties of what is beyond the "known".

Little People -A Variety of the "Almost Here Beings"


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