lawnorder - Top 10 posts - 9/23/05

I posted less this week and not surprisingly, the blog got a lot less hits. As the Microsoft primer to blogs says, no one reads stale blogs...

Here are the top 10 this week.

1 - lawnorder: Daily Kos: The Case to Impeach George W. Bush. (Updated)

2 - lawnorder: We make porn videos. They make snuff movies

3 - lawnorder: NO GAS, NO FOOD, NO LODGING Hurricane Victims Get a Taste of Life in Occupied Iraq - Yahoo! News

4 - lawnorder: gifs anim�s gratuits,image gif,clipart,clipart,avatars,icones,manga,free animated gif

5 - lawnorder: How Bush Blew It - Newsweek Hurricane Katrina Coverage - MSNBC.com

6 - lawnorder: Invasion of the Isolationists - New York Times

7 - lawnorder: 1920's Killer flu of 1918 may have quietly evolved for years

8 - lawnorder: Daily Kos: Plaquemines Parish

9 - lawnorder: The Smoking Gun: Archive: Jeb Bush Jr. praticing abstinence... NOT!

10 - lawnorder: A few grams of Cesium 137 leak in Goiania, 1987

PS: I'm not sure it is interesting to list the same old top posts every week, plus I'm worried it may mess up the Gooogling for the original post. I may stop posting the top posts or just post the new "top" posts of the week



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