Just like Welfare, Modern Medicine must end: 60 years of it and we still have illness in US

A break out from CGCS, for dems only, Political switchboard has some of my favorite CGCS posters now, so I posted this there and at CGCS -- law

(links on original diary http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/9/26/3442/18479 )

Welfare: 60 years and we still have poor people
Armando front paged the diatribe of David Brooks discussing the "failed poverty policies of the Left" (1). PJ O'Rourke said on Bill Maher:

..the poverty programs have been going on since the time of the Roosevelt administration, helping poor people. Do these people look helped?! (2)

Modern Medicine: 60 years and we still have illness
The same facetious argument can be used to say we should go back to no scientific rigor on medical research, no infection control, etc: Medicine changed radically yet Hospitals are still lined with patients. Disease still exists. The number of people getting sick is growing... [you read the rest below -- law]

The Political Switchboard -> Just like Welfare, Modern Medicine must end!


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