Intro to Blogging for the IT Pro, by Microsoft

This article by Microsoft blogger experts is pretty cool!

but the grammar is atrocious! I suspect it came from a Powerpoint presentation, where gramar takes a back seat to efficient presentation. Anyway, I altered the order a little and added stuff (in italics) to make it easier to read on a blog. -- law

Intro to Blogging for the IT Professional (By Robert Scoble, Jeff Julian and John Alexander)

What is Blogging (Robert Scoble - Technical Evangelist - Microsoft):
  • Blogging is webpage done is reverse chronological order. Can be done by a single person, or a group of people - can be argued.
  • Blogging got hot: easy to publish, discoverability, easy to see others linking to you, categorized, and syndication.
  • Blogs ping search engines to let them know you're blogging!

Come up with a style on your own by reading 10-20 other blogs found here

  • The More people that link to you, the higher up on the above mentioned websites you go on top blog lists!
  • Static pages that don't change don't get links! So don't create static pages that never change!
  • Break the story - post fast! Word of mouth travels so fast! Don't hesitate. Don't wait or sit on anything. Blog it now!
  • Solve an IT problem? Blog it. You'll get links so fast. Tons of people are searching for answers to IT problems all over the world everyday!
  • Pick a niche. Think of the search words people will find you using web search engines.
  • How do you become known? Podcast and blog. Video cast and blog. Go beyond text blogging if you can!

What is a Good Blog:
A good blog is Passionate, Authoritative, Credible. Remember these!
  • Passion comes from something you love to do.
  • Authority comes from posting about stuff other people think is good.(i.e. Talk about the entire industry not just your company or they will think you are... Close minded)
  • Credibility comes from letting people know your biases, conflicts of interests. DON'T LIE. You will get caught. The audience is a lot smarter than you are.

CHECK OUT: http://www.blogcastrepository.com/ - To see good screencasts!

Aggregation 101:
  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication.:  - An XML feed is used to publish new content from weblogs or other news media.
  • Web based aggregators: Start.com, Bloglines.com
  • Like Outlook is to email, aggregators are to RSS Feeds. (Outlook 12 -  RSS support)

  • Difference between your blog and RSS feed? RSS is the tool to push your blog around the web that is subscribed too.
  • What is a Podcast? Podcasts are audio files made available with RSS. Podcasts come from Portable device and Broadcast.

Blogging Communities:
A blogging community is a hosted site of team bloggers or individual bloggers with RSS feeds and 1 main RSS Feed.
  • Community sites usually have higher readership.
  • You can focus on blogging instead of maintaining the entire website.
  • The more feeds, the more posts, the more linking - higher readership.

Corporate Weblogger Manifesto:
  • Web log, blog, authors are getting more popular than some authors these days!
  • Word-of-mouth network is much more efficient. Effects businesses!
  • ..Puts customers right on the homepage.
  • Wiki - webpage anyone in the world can edit.it can be used to make A user built reference desk...

Corporate Blogging:
  • Assume boss is reading your blog!
  • Have a conversation with your boss. Get a feel for what to blog and what not to blog about. They will tell you what the rules are..
  • Know your corporate culture of your company!!!
  • Understand and know the policies, guidelines, and FAQ's!
  • important note added by lawnorder:
    If you are in the military abide by the rules and policies of your unit which include
    Also use good common sense: do not be overly critical of Bush or your CO's. You will be able to get it all off your chest with your family and friends or after you leave the force, but ranting on the Internet while enlisted can get you punished and even court martialed

Original article at:
Intro to Blogging for the IT Pro

lawnorder tip to Powerpoint and OneNote users: Don't save your powerpoint as HTML and post it "as is" on a blog because it generates a weird HTML code that only allows the copying of one line at a time (see this article's original generated by OneNote for an example). It is a great way to avoid people copying your stuff, but it will not get your blog more popular, just the opposite.

Other blogers who may want to link to your stuff will get annoyed: it is a lot of work to cut a meaningful portion of your text to add in a linked post (that's how bloggers link to each other: a meaningful quote of another blogger's text followed by a link to the source) . Annoyed bloggers will probably leave your stuff alone, unlinked and avoid your site in the future


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