Hubris is the word that is often used to describe the Bushies

A comment Posted by: Ian Welsh on Newberry's blog sez:

Hubris is the word that is often used to describe the characters that inhabit the Bush group. I'm not sure if it's accurate enough. There's an evil arrogance that hubris doesn't seem to include...

Didn't Richard Clarke have some prior secret testimony of his made 'unsecret' to counter his televised testimony against the Bush group? Wasn't the declassifying so narrow that Clarke challenged that the entire testimony be made public to show that it fully supported his statements against the Bush group? Wasn't a Clarke "backgrounder" talk to the press lifted from anonymous privilege status without Clarke's permission in order to provide some trivial support for the Bush group? Didn't one of the 9-11 congressional commission members have the same sort of thing happen to her? Ashcroft showed up for testimony with a newly unclassified quote to embarrass the questioner, with only a very narrow portion unclassified, making a full and truthful response criminal.

Recently in one of the many leaks that are flooding the media streams, it was disclosed that Rove said the "double super secret" information would soon be declassified. Though in legal terms that statement strongly indicates knowledge that the information being divulged was classified and therefore fitting the definition of criminal intent within the particular law, it also shows a hastiness that probably wasn't really necessary. They could have waited and gone through the process of cutting whatever annoying strings were attached to Plame and her front company. But they couldn't and wouldn't wait.

I don't think much of the published claim that a rapid response was necessary to avoid being taken off message during an Africa trip. The supposedly damaging article was on the op-ed page of the New York Times. It isn't that few that admire the Bush group care what's on that page. They actively scorn it. So the haste was in my view based on the arrogance of power. They finally didn't think they had anything to worry about. Who would go after them? They were the state, even more so than Tom Delay. John Ashcroft was their top cop. The independent prosecutor law was history and they controlled congress anyway. A hasty slip up over something so trivial when compared to the incompetence and cover ups related to 9-11 and the cynical evil of the Iraq war couldn't possibly be a significant matter...

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