Holding Our Father's Hand

A beatiful piece. I like the imagery of us being a baby getting a vaccine and God being the parent that can't possibly convey to the baby why that pain is necessary, not until the baby grows a little more... I don't agree with her final conclusion though. Scroll down to see why -- law

Holding Our Father's Hand

By Kay Brown

Today, I found myself imagining a vivid scene with one of those typically recalcitrant toddlers. You know the kind I mean - the three year-old cherub with the horrid disposition who is being ushered into the doctor's office by a kind, but very firm father. The child was holding his father' hand.

The young, immature child cannot possibly understand why the painful injection is needed. Sadly, no amount of coddling, explanation or bribery will ever convince this child to cooperate, so his father patiently does what needs to be done. Picking up the child, the good father carries him, as he kicks and screams, into the office where the unpleasant deed is done. Finally, the treatment will do its work and the child will be restored to health once again.

Of course, the little child does not even recognize that his life has been saved by his persistent father. He does not realize how great the father's love is to bring him to the place were the treatment could be administered. He might not even be aware that the father has stayed close by his side the entire time, ready to provide solace, counsel and strength to weather the ordeal.

The father never leaves the child. In addition, it is to the Father's hand that the child must surrender before his healing can begin.

Regrettably, I am the obstinate toddler and God is my patient, kind and loving Father....

a friend explained today that all lack of peace comes from our dissatisfaction with where our Father God has taken us. Do we not believe that everything that happens to us is filtered through our Father's hand? I had to meditate on that thought a bit and hate to admit it, but it is true. I do not want to be in this place.

My heart's cry has been, "Christ, I want more of you!" Little did I realize that its deeper meaning would be, "I want less of me," - less of my desires, my plans, my anything...

The price a disciple must pay (and indeed pay joyfully) is that of actually following our Lord to the cross and putting to death any and all desire to be our own Lord on any level....

[As I said, this is where the author and I disagree. To me the ideal disciple will not try to erase his "self" for God, that is not what God wants, just like the father doesn't want his baby to just be a clone of himself.

What DOES God want with us then ? Well, now you got me, I have no answer, and I suspect he doesn't either except for the "be all (the good) you can be" that every parent desires for his / her son. -- law

Holding Our Father's Hand


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