Grover Greeted by Katrina 'Bathtub' Billboard

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Grover Greeted by Katrina 'Bathtub' Billboard; Kossacks -- where should it go next?
by Fiat Lux [Subscribe]
Wed Sep 21st, 2005 at 17:06:20 CDT

The billboard created by Working Assets and the League of Independent Voters -- and inspired and funded by the DailyKos community -- landed on Grover Norquist's doorstep at 1920 L St. this morning just in time for his infamous weekly "Wednesday meeting" of the conservative elite.

And Raw Story was there to blog it.

So did the Center for American Progress via Campus Progress.

There's more on the flip side, including another pic and a request for your Kosmopolitan suggestions for our billboard driver in DC...

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From CAP's Campus Progress:

Working Assets, an organization that "helps busy people make a difference" organized an event that showed just how crude and dangerous Mr. Norquist's ideas about government really are. Activists rented a truck whose cab was flanked by two twin billboards, featuring Field Marshal Norquist's famous quote juxtaposed with an image of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - a drowned New Orleans. Appropriately, at 8:45 this morning Working Assets parked the truck in front of the offices of Americans for Tax Reform, an essential part of Norquist's New Right brigade, and the meeting place for that weekly breakfast strategy session of rightist revolutionaries.

With the conspicuous truck parked squarely in front of Americans for Tax Reform's locked-down offices, a sizeable handful of activists, with original chants that point to America's shameful standards in high school English curricula, courted media photographers while making their presence known to the planners of the watery death of American government. "246810 What if a hurricane comes again? 13579 Your rich friends will be just fine." Someone missed that 9th grade lesson on meter.

Other spontaneous chants included:

Katrina wasn't Heaven-sent
Grover shrank the Government

Move on over, Grover
The neo-con game is over

New Orleans -- still-a-hurtin'
We don't need no Halliburton!

Under-fundin' FEMA
Is meaner than Katrina

Smaller government, here's the rub:
We're all drowning in Grover's tub

More chants -- including an original "O When The Rains" song , sung to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In"

Daily Kos: [NEW LOCATIONS] Grover Greeted by Katrina 'Bathtub' Billboard; Kossacks -- where should it go next?


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