GOP / Cato proposal for New Orleans: MORE cuts to levee funding

The Color of the Sky on Planet Cato
by Hunter
Thu Sep 15th, 2005 at 15:21:19 CDT

This WaPo article provides a fair overview of just some of the costs of Katrina. Apparently, Rove Bush has decided to throw money at the problem hand over fist, in an attempt to deflect criticism over his administration's unforgivable bungling in the most critical days after the storm. But the last sentences of the article are so spectacularly representative of the entire new-conservative movement that they really stand as a monument to the whole disaster:

To reach $62 billion in savings, Cato Institute analysts Chris Edwards and Stephen Slivinski have proposed cutting NASA in half, slashing energy research and subsidies just as Congress is gearing up to increase them in the face of soaring gasoline prices, cutting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' budget by $4.6 billion after its levees failed to protect New Orleans, and eliminating $4.2 billion in homeland security grants while lawmakers are debating the nation's lack of preparedness.

A younger me would have marveled at the level of sheer square-headed poindexterism required to propose that, in order to finance the reconstruction of New Orleans... we further cut funding for the levees.

The slightly older me, however, recognizes that even think-tank poindexterism isn't really at play here. These people honestly don't give a crap about the American population. Doesn't enter their heads. Their agenda is so far removed from even basic logic that it can only be compared to a religion. Conservative is less government philosophy than it is Rich Man's Religion. Gotta Cut, if it doesn't affect me personally. Gotta Spend, if I get a piece of that pie. Gotta Proselytize, if it convinces the poor suckers over the county line to check the box next to my name. Gotta Vote the way the party tells me to, or the money spigot gets turned off.

So in Bush's speech tonight, we can expect to hear about a whole hell of a lot of money to be spent... and we can be assured that the money will continue to go to Bush-connected friends, not local businesses desperately in need of a way back on their feet.

We can expect to hear a word or two about 'responsibility', if the focus group said it was needed. Just the word; not a whit else. Not a peep about the now hardly-shocking revelations that maybe, just maybe, Bush sycophant Brown was merely one of a sea of other Bush appointees who, to a man, didn't have the slightest idea of how to respond to an actual emergency that didn't involve making sure the Presidential Backdrop was printed and delivered in time. And still doesn't.

The costs for rebuilding New Orleans are, indeed, going to be enormous. And given that the entire city is already being turned into a toxic trough for well-connected administration friends to feed at, I think we can expect the same level of corruption, cronyism, and incompetence that has been on display in every Bush-era issue from Enron and the California blackouts to the Iraq "reconstruction".

It would appear Karl Rove has successfully been rid of his kidney stones. We'll watch tonight to see the first results, but I don't expect the color of the pee to markedly change.

Daily Kos: The Color of the Sky on Planet Cato


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