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Blog of everything: The present time

Confirmations and discussions

Good it continues moving the rug (Machine translations, bleargh! It should be something like "Well, life goes on". I'm fixing the rest w/o italics-- law).

...Texas waits for Rita and Bush speaks in the Pentagon of the war against the terrorism (C-SPAN). I ask myself: That speech, have I not listened to it several times before during these years? Couldn't he wait until the hurricane passed to repeat it again ?

John Roberts is confirmed . We still know nothing on how he will act with Roe v. Wade; we already have two budget proposals for for cuts by Katrina: one republican and another democrat . The discussions pile on. It seems a joke, but Homeland Security has responsibility for natural disasters.

We nearly we thought that it didn't. This always is interesting: I am talking about the National Response Plan of the Department of Homeland Security and it is going to be very informative to put here a record of it:

It establishes protocols to help:

· Save lives and protect the health and safety of the public, responders, and recovery workers;

· Ensure security of the homeland;

· Prevent an imminent incident, including acts of terrorism, from occurring;

· Critical Protect and restore infrastructure and key resources;

· Conduct law enforcement investigations to resolve the incident, apprehend the perpetrators, and collect and preserves evidence for prosecution and/or attribution;

· Protect property and mitigate damages and impacts to individuals, communities, and the environment; and

· Facilitate recovery of individuals, families, businesses, governments, and the environment

The complete version of the National Response Plan
of the Department of Homeland Security

Meanwhile, around the Internet people are speaking about cutting ‘fat’ and of ‘pork busters’ — I speak more of this later — allegedly from the federal budget, Louisana and Mississippi try to pospone the new bankruptcy law that takes effect on October 17 and considerably limits the bankruptcies in the country.

The speculation with the prices of petroleum continues. Today it increased $1. The fault, of course, lies with Rita, now a category 4 that threatens Texas.

I am on the verge of believing in God while I read here and there

This it is the budget proposed by the democrats. It tries to demonstrate to the republicans that to cut “fat” on the federal budget is not necessarily directly proportional to trimming more social programs, the Medicare drug prescriptions and other programs that “invest in the middle-class and the working-class”. The other side keeps on being the same and have been proposing the republican schmeal as always: Cut the public television, the budgets of foreign operations and the National Endowment of Arts. while they protect the tax cuts for the rich and turn a blind eye to the oil industry's speculation with the markets and the exorbitant gains of these oil companies.

Rep. Jeff Flake’s (R-Ariz.) call to postpone the Medicare prescription-drug benefit one to year. Flake, a vocal opponent of the bill when it passed the House during to contentious three-hour votes in 2003, said postponing the benefit would save the federal government approximately $40 billion next to year.

“Our seniors have gone 220 years without to prescription-drug benefit,” Flake said. “I think they can wait one more year.”

The excessive secrecy, one of the attributes of this administration prevails again. DeLay proposes that the meetings to debate cuts are carried out in closed doors. Zero press, zero observers...

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