Delay's replacement Rap Sheet

Roy Blunt's Rap Sheet
by DavidNYC
Thu Sep 29th, 2005 at 14:21:53 CDT

Armando (and Matt Yglesias) are both right: This is just "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Well, we won't get fooled again. Here are the goods on Roy Blunt, courtesy of CREW:

* Tried to slip pro-Big Tobacco provision into a Homeland Security bill (!) - while he was sleeping with a Philip Morris (aka Altria) lobbyist.

* Hurt the war effort by passing legislation that reduced competition by limiting military cargo shipments to certain companies such as UPS and FedEx - while his son Andrew was (you guessed it) a lobbyist for UPS.

* Funnelled $76,000 to his son Matt's gubernatorial campaign in Missouri by laundering it through a bunch of various campaign committees - while Altria also tossed $24,000 to Matt's campaign, and $100,000 to one of those middle-man committees.

* PAC took money from top GOP arrested scum-bag-man Jack Abramoff, to the tune of $8,500. It's all about the company you keep, ay?

* Took a trip to Korea in 2002 paid for by a registered foreign agent - which is against House rules.

Yesterday, I thought that perhaps David Dreier might suffer a fate like Bob Livingston - a very short time at the helm before resigning in disgrace. Roy Blunt may have more institutional support than Dreier, but now that CREW has apprised us of Blunt's sparkling record, I could see that fate befalling him, too.

Daily Kos: Roy Blunt's Rap Sheet


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