DC: 2 income family can hardly afford 1/2 of lowest rent

Brian Dolber at Gadflyer blogs:

Living Wage, Anyone?

Surveys and studies are always giving us shocking information. Today in the Washington Post, we discover that the DC area has become really expensive. Who knew?

However, the figures are quite frightening. The income required for a single parent to subsist in the District of Columbia has increased by 26 percent over the last six years. Go out to the suburbs of Fairfax County and there has been a 50 percent increase.

For a two-parent household with two children, a combined income of $25.44 per hour is necessary within the city. The minimum wage in DC is $6.60 an hour.

Let's do some math!

$6.60 x 2= $13.20
$25.44 - $13.20= $12.24
$12.24/$25.44= .48

So it is perfectly legal for a two-income family with two kids to bring in 48 percent less than what they need for minimal subsistence. Once again, move out to Virginia where there is a higher cost of living and the federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour is used, and it's even harder to make ends meet. This is all before public assistance kicks in, of course, but we all know how lucrative and respected that is in the U.S. of A.

Is it just me, or does this strike anyone else as blatantly immoral?"

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