Daily Kos: Whistleblower: Chertoff Impeding Rescue NOW!

Whistleblower: Chertoff Impeding Rescue NOW!
by Levity
Tue Sep 13th, 2005 at 15:42:57 CDT

On last night's Nightline, FEMA staffer Leo Bosner appeared, careful to say he was giving his personal views, not the agency's official ones. He spoke quietly but did not mince words:

"Right now as we talk, unfortunately, Homeland Security is actually impeding - in my view - impeding the rescue effort. As I mentioned, we're running a 24/7 operation down there and we're trying to do the best we can at FEMA. And we're getting held back because we're bombarded with telephone calls, day and night, from Homeland Security, saying, `Oh, Secretary Chertoff has a press conference coming up, uh, stop everything and get us this information: Can you tell us exactly how many pounds of ice have been delivered to such and such county,' or, `Why are the number of rescues different from what they were six hours ago?' They're impeding the effort right now."

Below: some of the strongest whistleblowing I've ever seen on Nightline.
Update [2005-9-14 1:21:56 by Levity]: While this is hot at dKos today, no one in the mainstream media has picked it up yet - not even ABC News online. You may want to contact your favorite paper, reporter or columnist.

Daily Kos: Whistleblower: Chertoff Impeding Rescue NOW!


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