Daily Kos: Wes Clark: Global Warming

How I wish he was the Prez now... -- law

Clark sez:

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative, a meeting of world leaders organized by President Clinton in New York City. It was a rare opportunity to focus international attention on some of the world's most pressing problems and develop real commitments to take action.

During the "Clinton Global Initiative," I participated on a panel to discuss a problem that many people are just starting to think about: the impact of global warming on national security policy. Today I wanted to share some of these thoughts with you -- and invite you to join the dialogue.

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Global warming is a fact. It is already visible. We see its effect on the melting of ice caps, rising sea levels, and increasing global temperatures. It is also an unquestionable fact that man's activities have contributed to this. What will be the consequences if we do nothing and continue on the current course of human progress?

Please join our discussion about global warming and national security on the WesPAC blog!

The mildest projections by experts predict a 10-degree average increase in global temperatures in the next 90 years. This will cause sea levels to rise approximately two feet, displacing more than 100 million people in low-lying areas of the world. Other estimates are less optimistic. For example, if the entire Greenland icecap were to melt, then sea levels could rise between 7 and 10 meters, making large areas of our world today uninhabitable.

The difficulty is that the carbon already trapped in the earth's atmosphere will likely remain suspended there for 100 years or more. So global warming is in place -- and according to scientists, it is unlikely to be reversed. What can we do to slow the rate? And how do we deal with the consequences?

To slow the rate of global warming is to reduce appreciably the greenhouse gas emissions. This is the familiar agenda of the global warming concern. However, with the consequences of global warming already so severe, global warming has to be treated as a national security problem, involving not just the EPA but also the National Security Council and the top leadership of America. Global warming is a national security issue.

Do you agree with this view? Join the dialogue about global warming and national security on the WesPAC blog!

Daily Kos: Wes Clark: Global Warming


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