Daily Kos: Welcome to the Mindrape [rant]

What's going on in this fucked up social experiment called America is much worse than mere cognitive dissonance, though -- and yes, I think it will drive us all insane -- and it should. Because what's happening today can only be called mindrape.

Daily Kos: Welcome to the Mindrape [rant]

I keep seeing Diane Sawyer not batting an eye when the big charming rapist said "I don't think anybody could have anticipated the levees being breached." Our unwilling mouths were too full of cock to protest. I keep hearing Condi Rice -- in shoes that cost more than I make in a month -- say "Nobody could have anticipated the towers coming down." I keep seeing Dick Cheney telling America that the only way to avoid a terrible attack was to stay with the familiar attackers. "The evil you know is better than the evil you don't."

And like all rapists, and like all rapist apologists, the first thing done after he's left you, covered in blood and semen and tears is to blame the victim. "I am not at fault. You should not have dressed so sexy." But there's nothing sexy about being too poor to even afford food, much less adequate housing, adequate education, adequate anything.

I flip through Rolling Stone magazine and read an article about the reporter they managed to get into the flood waters days before FEMA arrived. Then I read about the hot new shows, I read about Tara Reid, I read about "Laguna Beach." I look at my newspaper and see a flash of numbers -- 3 suicide bombs, 10 soldiers killed, 50 Iraqis dead. I look back and read about teenage actresses squabbling over boyfriends and showing off new jewelry. The man who shot John Lennon had a hero-worship fetish.

The cops in New Orleans spent more time protecting the rich people's cars than the poor people. The cops in Washington DC preside over one of the highest murder rates in the nation but find time to arrest people for sitting on a sidewalk. "The World is Watching" they chanted. The world may be watching but the people who run this place don't care. They're the elite. They're the base of power. This can only end in fire.

I keep hearing Thomas Jefferson, "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." Jefferson thought that when the government stopped serving the needs of the people, it should be abolished. Jefferson said "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." He told us that "every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state." And I keep hearing Jefferson say "every generation needs a new revolution," and I realize that our generation is at the starting place for its revolution.

We know where to start. The President calls them his base. We must call them our enemies. They are the enablers and the perpetrators of these crimes. A country born out of defiance against tyranny must continue to defy it at every turn. The time is now.


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