Daily Kos: Washington Post's Hsu gave to GOP

Washington Post's Hsu gave to GOP
by Carnacki

You judge for yourself if Washington Post reporter Spencer Hsu made an "honest mistake" or deliberately helped spread GOP talking points. After all, it turns out he's supported the GOP financially

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From a letter on Romenesko's Media News:

Washington Post ombudsman Michael Getler wrote on Sunday of the Post's decision to print the false accusations of a senior Bush official against Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. Getler acknowledged that Post reporter Spencer S. Hsu was wrong to repeat a bogus charge, but he also took a swipe at people "who use such moments to bash the media for alleged bias."

The thing is, there is nothing "alleged" in Spencer Hsu's bias. His bias is right there, out in the open, for all to see.

By law, political donations are disclosed in this country, which means that Hsu can't hide that he's a Republican partisan: The public information that he gave $1,031 to the Republican Party of Virginia last year makes that perfectly clear to anyone who wants to look.
Maybe Hsu thought no one would bother to look at the public record because he couldn't be bothered to look at the public record of whether Blanco had declared a state of emergency.

Here's the link to his contributions listed on Open Secrets.

Republican Party of Virginia

Tool. Water carrier. Propagandist. Whore. Call him what ever you will.

Daily Kos: Washington Post's Hsu gave to GOP


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