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Recommended diaries at 9 am, Tuesday, Sep 27, 2005 :
Welcome to the Mindrape [rant]
by Myrrander

Energy news of the day
by Jerome a Paris

My First Time
by CindySheehan

Update: Judge: Use FORCE & take supplies from FEMA!!! Rita Wrap Up: Why You should be upset abou
by krazypuppy

8 U.S. soldiers killed today - does anyone care anymore?
by Sharon Jumper

Guess Who's a New FEMA Consultant
by lost

Abramoff and Able danger: [w/ poll] Why Atta's face was covered before 9/11 and Able danger dismantled

by lawnorder

HA HA! Frist Groveling Live on CNN, Special Press Conference
by reef the dog
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