Daily Kos: Tom Delay will plea 'nolo contendere'

Tom Delay will plea 'nolo contendere'
by Walt starr
Thu Sep 29th, 2005 at 11:58:53 CDT

(From the diaries -- kos)

DeLay will not plea nolo contendere at the arraingment. There will be a not guilty plea entered there, but he will eventually plea at least nolo contendere.

In about January when the hearings get started, I expect the plea to be changed to nolo contendere. This is because DeLay has most likely already entered into a plea bargain. My reasoning is because of timing and the indictment itself.

First of all, DeLay entered into a meeting with Ronnie Earle and the Public Integrity unit of the Travis County DA's office on August 17. This would be more than three years after most of the events surrounding the money laundering operation would have taken place and thus, the statute of limitations would have already run out on the conspiracy charge...

Now comes the logic part. Why would his attorney advise him to waive the statute of limitations on a charge when the statute of limitations had already run out? The only logical answer is that there were far more serious charges with a much longer (or no) statute of limitations and he was entering into a plea bargain.

So basically, the current posturing about "political prosecution" and a prosecutor who is a "partisan fanatic" is just that, posturing. Anybody old enough to remember the Nixon era will also remember that Spiro Agnew did exactly the same thing! After all is said and done, he'll leave the Congress and still have a lucrative career as a paid lobbyist.

Daily Kos: Tom Delay will plea 'nolo contendere'


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