Daily Kos: Spoof: Bush Flies into Rage with Staffers

New Orleans, LA (APE) - President Bush yesterday became enraged over a practical joke played upon him by a staffer aboard Air Force One. White House spokespersons are remaining closed mouthed about the incident. Bush reportedly has stated that he will be conducting an investigation himself and will get to the bottom of it. The incident occurred as he was in route from Washington, DC to the flood ravaged city of New Orleans.

APE obtained a digital photograph of the incident smuggled out by an un-named inside source at great professional and personal risk.

In the picture, apparently one of the President's aides has used a neon orange highlighter pen to scribble a rescue/damage assessment upon his forehead. The terminology would indicate that Bush had been assessed on 09-12-05 by a K.R., who found that no one was home, and the structure was condemned.

Daily Kos: Bush Flies into Rage with Staffers


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