Daily Kos: South of New Orleans - NOAA overflight pics

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South of New Orleans - NOAA overflight pics
by Dem In VA
Wed Sep 14th, 2005 at 10:58:21 CDT

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), part of the Department of Commerce, has been conducting overflights of the storm-ravaged region over the past few days. They have put up a website with images taken from approximately 7,500 feet. Here's the LINK to the site.

The devastation shown in some areas takes your breath away. Pictures just north and northwest of the French Quarter in New Orleans not only show the extent of the flooding, but also the iridescent film of toxic waste floating on the surface everywhere - an unimaginable environmental catastrophe. Imagine wading through that stuff! Petroleum, toluene, household solvents, etc... And that's the stuff you can see...

The shots from the Gulfport, MS region are unbelievable. Near total destruction along the coast, going back more than a mile inland, as if the entire stretch was hit with a 300-mile per hour tornado. What caused the destruction, however, was a massive storm surge of between 18 and 23 feet of water - much like the tsunami in South Asia...

But the part that is most distressing, is the situation south of New Orleans, in the bayou areas of Placquemines Parish. Utter devastation. Nothing untouched. And clearly, no help coming anytime soon.

While New Orleans gets the media attention, and (finally) some response and relief from the government, the isolated areas south of the Big Easy are being neglected.

While nosing around the site, I came across one image from the lower delta that stopped me cold - a picture of a destroyed town and factory, where someone made a desperate plea:


I think about who did this. How many people are in that one town? How many other towns are in the same situation - no help, no hope? Isolated, cut off from assistance, and no federal initiative to get in there. It's heartbreaking.

Daily Kos: South of New Orleans - NOAA overflight pics


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