Daily Kos: Ohio Coingate - Judge Says "STFU" - UPDATE With Video

According to a filing with the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Mr. Noe bilked the two coin funds established by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation through a variety of methods, including check forgery.

Mr. Petro has already accused Mr. Noe of running a Ponzi scheme and stealing $4 million, claims he backed up today with a series of affadavits that showed:

* Mr. Noe transferred money between the coin funds to show a false profit to the bureau.

* Mr. Noe used money from the coin funds to purchase a Catawba Island vacation home from his father in-law, retired Lucas County judge Francis "Buddy" Restivo.

* Mr. Noe forged a $110,000 check with the name of a fellow member of the Ohio Board of Regents, Gerry Gordon. He used the check to route bureau money to a bank account he shared with his wife, Bernadette Noe.

William Wilkinson, a lawyer for Mr. Noe, did not return a phone call asking for comment.

Tom Noe is going to jail - and probably for quite a long time. But what is more fun is why Petro needed to file this, because a short while ago he got told to STFU by a judge.

COLUMBUS - Judge David Cain has a message for Attorney General Jim Petro: Stop saying the court has determined that Tom and Bernadette Noe stole millions of dollars from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation's rare-coin funds.

Judge Cain of Franklin County Common Pleas Court chastised the attorney general in a footnote to a Tuesday ruling, saying he would "appreciate it" if Mr. Petro stopped characterizing an August order by the judge as a determination from the court that the Noes committed fraud or converted bureau money for personal use.

In August, Judge Cain said evidence already presented "tends to show" fraud by Mr. Noe, but the judge expected more facts would be revealed that would help prove or disprove allegations against the coin dealer.

In the meantime, Mr. Petro's office has released statements claiming that the court has acknowledged "credible evidence" of fraud by Mr. Noe.

It's funny when they turn on their own campaign contributors, huh ?

the other interesting tidbit buried in that story is this

The attorney general's office has released invoices that showed Mrs. Noe's former law firm, Shindler, Neff, Holmes, & Schlageter, had billed coin-fund subsidiaries for legal work, but all of the details in the billings were blacked out.

"Mrs. Noe cannot adequately prepare a defense without having full disclosure of evidence against her," Judge Cain wrote in his ruling.

The real unredacted copies have been ordered to be handed over. Curious why they would redact them in the first place, though Petro's office has been accused of pay for play when it came to legal work being handed out from the state.

One of the most obvious pay for play and reward schemes Taft had going was appointing buddies and supporters to nice jobs. One of those was now disgraced Brian Hicks, his chief of staff - who got a plumb job on the board as THE Ohio State University.. But the students are in revolt over it, and Hicks days must be numbered.

These guys are making life-long Democratic converts for us !

Daily Kos: Ohio Coingate - Judge Says "STFU" - UPDATE With Video


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