Daily Kos: Modern Medicine must end! "We waged a war against illness and illness won"

Modern Medicine must end! "We waged a war against illness and illness won"
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Mon Sep 26th, 2005 at 02:44:02 CDT

Welfare: 60 years and we still have poor people
Armando front paged the diatribe of David Brooks discussing the "failed poverty policies of the Left" (1). PJ O'Rourke said on Bill Maher:

..the poverty programs have been going on since the time of the Roosevelt administration, helping poor people. Do these people look helped?! (2)

Modern Medicine: 60 years and we still have illness
The same facetious argument can be used to say we should go back to no scientific rigor on medical research, no infection control, etc: Medicine changed radically yet Hospitals are still lined with patients. Disease still exists. The number of people getting sick is growing. To paraphrase:

My friends, some years ago, the federal government declared war on illness poverty, and illness poverty won." Reagan 1988 SOTU

But the patients recover!
Yes, and THAT's the big fallacy on the GOP welfare criticism: The majority of welfare users "recover" too: Of all U.S. families that left welfare between 1997 and 1999 only about 22 percent had returned by 1999.pdf . But this small 1/5th percentage was received with a big cry of "welfare abuse" by the GOP

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Welfare Patients DO Recover!!!
Despite Reagan's quips about "Welfare Queens", the reality was quite different, even before Clinton created the "Welfare to Work" programs and ended the previous Welfare programs such as AFDC:

In the stereotype world, the exceptions make the rule: the stereotypical "welfare mother" is a "baby having babies".. In reality, 0.1 percent of mothers receiving AFDC [welfare] are 15 or younger. .. one-tenth of one percent. Less than four percent are 18 or younger. A 1994 US GAO report reviewing the 1976-92 period observes: "In 1992, never-married women receiving AFDC were less likely to be teenage mothers..

Contrary to "welfare as a way of life" stereotype, the typical AFDC recipient has one or two children and "is a short-term user" of AFDC, in the words of the congressional Green Book... Also contrary to stereotype, most daughters in families which received welfare do not become welfare recipients as adults. The myth of an intergenerational Black matriarchy of "welfare queens" is particularly disgusting since Black women were enslaved workers for over two centuries and have always had a high labor force participation rate and, because of racism and sexism, a disproportionate share of low wages and poverty. (6)

And what do we have to show for 60 years of Welfare State Modern Medicine?
To prove the exact same arguments can be made for Medicine, where it is easy to see how blatantly false and misleading they are, lt's start by paraphrasing Reagan's famous speech on Welfare:

My friends, some years ago, the federal government declared war on poverty illness, and poverty illness won."

"What has all this money done? Well, too often it has only made poverty illness harder to escape. Federal welfare funded research programs have created a massive social medical problem. With the best of intentions, government created a poverty trap antibiotic resistant bacteria that wreaks havoc on the very support immune defense system the poor patient need most to lift themselves out of poverty disease."

Using the poor as scapegoats to mask the end of the American Dream
An excellent article on this (though a bit dated since it was written before Bush made things even worse) says

The Dying American Dream And the Snake Oil of Scapegoating

The scapegoating stereotype of deadbeat poor people masks the growing reality of dead-end jobs and disposable workers. Living standards are falling for younger generations despite the fact that many households have two wage earners, have fewer children, and are better educated than their parents.

Forty percent of all children in families headed by someone younger than 30 were officially living in poverty in 1990, including one out of four children in White young families and one out of five children in young married-couple families. If not for the increased work hours of women, married-couple families would be significantly poorer.

Real wages for average workers are plummeting--despite rising productivity... A college degree is increasingly necessary, but not necessarily sufficient to earn a decent income. Since 1990, college graduates "have been losing ground at the same rate as workers with less education," reports the Economic Policy ... The 1993 real wages of college-educated workers were 7.5 percent below their 1973 level.

In 1967, a full-time, year-round worker paid minimum wage earned above the official poverty line for a family of three. Today, these workers (mostly women) are way below the poverty line for a family of two.... Scapegoating labels like "underclass" and myths like the "culture of poverty" mask impoverishing economics. "Since 1973," reports the Children's Defense Fund, "most of the fastest increases in poverty rates occurred among young white families with children, those headed by married couples, and those headed by high school graduates. For all three groups, poverty rates more than doubled in a single generation, reaching levels that most Americans commonly assume afflict only minority and single-parent families." ... Women [and blacks] are scapegoated as producers and reproducers of poverty. Never mind that impoverished women [and blacks] don't create poverty any more than slaves created slavery... Imagine ..suggesting that women should never marry, because they are more likely to be beaten and killed by a spouse than a stranger.

Daily Kos: Modern Medicine must end! "We waged a war against illness and illness won"


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