Daily Kos: LA Times: Seven Days in July

[The Seven Days in July]
[July 7 - State Department Memo that connects Plame and Wilson delivered to Powell. "June INR"]
July 7-8: Administration sources tell columnist Robert Novak about Wilson's CIA wife.
July 7: The White House admits to a mistake in citing the uranium claim.
[July 7/8 Ari Fleischer reads June INR Memo]
July 11: Karl Rove tells Time's Matthew Cooper that Wilson's wife arranged the Niger trip.
July 14: A Novak column unmasks Valerie Plame.

July 30: The CIA asks the Justice Department to investigate the leak of the agent's identity.
[September Taylor Report to Parliament establishes that the forged documents were part of UK judgment in the Bulter Report]

Daily Kos: LA Times: Seven Days in July


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