Daily Kos: Katrina Revisionism

it looks like we may have found a great new site to carry on the tradition: Pre$$titutes. Today, they report in on a dangerous new trend in Katrina coverage. To wit:

Rightwingers' New Line: "MSM" Made Katrina Aftermath Up

As a commenter at Pre$$titutes observes:

Last I looked, New Orleans was still flooded. Did the media make that up?

Unfortunately, it seems like the media is already responding to right-wing pressure - the right mau-maus, the media kowtows. Check out the ninth paragraph of this story in today's NYT. I'm not even going to dignify it with a copy-and-paste. People are still homeless, jobless and in many cases, hopeless thanks to Katrina and the criminally incompetent federal response to it. Don't complaints about a handful of possible exaggerations made almost a month ago seem a bit, well, picayune ?


It's really quite tragic that people who sat on their asses for days to let people die and starve now have the gall to criticize those on the front lines, who risked basically everything to attempt to help people. People like Nagin had no resources, but they made do with what they could grab. The Feds have billions of dollars to spend in Iraq, and they can't mount an appropriate response in their own country?

It's absurd. The right-wingers, the pro-lifers have no respect for human life once it touches this planet alive and breathing on its own.

by evkl on Tue Sep 27th, 2005 at 21:31:43 CDT

Daily Kos: Katrina Revisionism


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