Daily Kos: Karl Rove visited Cindy Sheehan attackers

Karl Rove visited Cindy Sheehan attackers
by AHiddenSaint
Wed Aug 31st, 2005 at 19:52:39 CDT

I know this is just a link, but one thing caught my eye that needs lots of attention. Guess who paid anti-Sheehan folks a visit at Crawford?


Also Wednesday, at a smaller pro-Bush camp in a ditch across the street from Sheehan's site, about a dozen people began taking down their tents, canopies and signs and putting away cases of water and food.

The counter camp sprung up slowly about a week after Sheehan arrived, and initially a few people stood with pro-Bush signs several hours a day. Later, several hundred people were there on weekends and a few dozen on weekdays.

Presidential adviser Karl Rove stopped by the site Tuesday night, and he hugged and thanked the Bush supporters, said Valerie Duty, who helped expand the pro-Bush camp two weeks ago.

So do we need to question anymore that Karl Rove was fullly in charge of the people attacking Cindy Sheehan? I just thought this little catch needed attention.

Daily Kos: Karl Rove visited Cindy Sheehan attackers


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