Daily Kos: Hughes delivers gift to Bin Laden

What is inflammatory about the statement "All are Turks"?
by orchid314

Well (none / 0)
The whole thing started with the Armenian genocide and has continued up to the present day with the ongoing repression of Turkey's Kurdish population. Turkey's treatment of its minority populations is constantly under criticism from the international community and is a big, black blot on its reputation.
It's not something that, you know, Turkey or any other country is "proud" of.
by bink

The Turkish government prefers (none / 0)
to refer to the Armenian genocide as a "war." If they are willing to refer to it at all. They recently jailed Turkey's most prominent author for writing about it.
by litigatormom

Orhan Pamuk (none / 0)
his trial for "Insulting the Turkish National Identity" is on December 16, he faces a possible 3 years in prison.
The charges stem from an interview given by Pamuk to the Swiss newspaper "Das Magazin" on 6 February in which he is quoted as saying that "thirty thousand Kurds and a million Armenians were killed in these lands and nobody but me dares to talk about it."
His references are to the killings by Ottoman Empire forces of Armenians in 1915-1917 and the battles between Turkish forces and Kurdish separatists.
by glingle

Except, of course, us . . . (none / 1)

quoting from Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival:
A good starting point is the year 1997, when the US foriegn policy was lauded for entering a "noble phase" with a "saintly glow," setting the tone for the rhetorical flights which ensued. At the mundance level of fact, 1997 was of some significance for the human rights movement. In that single year the flow of US arms to Turkey exceeded the combined total of US military aid to Turkey for the entire Cold War period prior to the onset of its counterinsurgency campaign against its miserably repressed Kurdish population. By 1997 the campaign had driven millions of people from the devastated countryside, with tens of thousands killed and every imaginable form of barbaric torture, ranking high among the crimes of the grisly 1990's. As atrocities escalated, Turkey became the leading recipiant of US arms worldwide, Isreal and Egypt aside, with 80 percent of its supply coming from Washington.
by LithiumCol

interesting.... (none / 0)
LithiumCola posted a Chomsky quote and refered to the year 1997....
"Turkey became the leading recipiant of US arms worldwide" while "tens of thousands killed and every imaginable form of barbaric torture"
Under Clinton's watch....for all the good Clinton did....this is horrible.
I don't understand why......
by sweettp2063

Daily Kos: Hughes delivers gift to Bin Laden


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