Daily Kos: Guess Who's a New FEMA Consultant ?

Brown the horse' ass expert is back -- law

Guess Who's a New FEMA Consultant
by lost
Mon Sep 26th, 2005 at 17:48:30 CDT

CBS updates: "Later this evening, CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger spoke with a spokesman for FEMA, Russ Knocke, who confirmed that Brown remains on the FEMA payroll. He also said that technically Brown remains at FEMA as a 'contractor' and he is 'transitioning out of his job.' The reason he will remain at FEMA about a month after his resignation, said the spokesman, is that the agency wants to get the 'proper download of his experience.'"]

Mike Brown. Yeah, that Mike Brown. He's been hired by the agency as a consultant.

Bob Scheiffer announced this on CBS News moments ago, stating that Brown annouced his re-hiring to congressional staffers. Guess what he'll be in charge of? SIGH. He will help evaluate how FEMA responded to the disaster.

I wish I were making this up.

Daily Kos: Guess Who's a New FEMA Consultant


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