Daily Kos: The Great Sino Cybergag and Killer Diseases

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The Great Sino Cybergag and Killer Diseases
by chillindame
Mon Sep 26th, 2005 at 10:56:03 CDT

The Chinese government has recently begun cracking down again on internet use by the masses. Cafes have been closed and censorship has increased. Call me a cynic but is this a continuation of their fight against freedom and democracy or the setup for something else?

For some strange reason I have always been drawn to stories about outbreaks of rare illnesses: ebola, Marburg disease, SARS, H5N1, whatever, I read whatever is published on it. Maybe it goes back to that Microbiology class in college. Who knows? The point is that I while keeping up with the latest on H5N1 I was also drawn to the stories that came out this summer about a strange outbreak of streptococcus suis in pigs in China. This outbreak was particularly virulent and caused death in people very rapidly. So, being the freak that I am, I set up this topic on my customized Google newspage, right there next to my customized spot for stories about H5N1. The news was coming in almost daily for weeks, the Chinese were being very cooperative with WHO and other organizations about the efforts to stop this outbreak. Pig is very popular in China, I have heard it said that it is THE most popular meat, so stopping this outbreak is very important. Then on August 28th, no news. August 29th, no news, nada, nothing. I thought this odd at the time and thought that maybe it was Googles fault so I reset my search. Still nothing. Fast forward to today. An announcement was made today that the Chinese are cracking down on interent use and are censoring material. Being the cynic that I am, (too many years living in the shadow of our nations's capital I guess), I am now wondering what the status of steptococcus suis is. Is it contained and over or is it still taking lives. Is the lack of any news on suis in the past few weeks just a coinkidink and am I just sporting the latest in tin headwear (give mine a cattleman's crease please). I also wonder if they are going to begin censoring stories about H5N1 also. I have a customized section for "bird flu" and now I am going to begin one called "bird flu china." This will give me all stories that mention China of course, but I am going to begin watching for ones from Chinese news sources. I worry that they are going to go back to their old ways and start hiding what is going on there.
http://www.mg.co.za/articlePage.aspx?articleid=251940&area=/breaking_news/breaking_news__busines s/
Daily Kos: The Great Sino Cybergag and Killer Diseases: "cycnic"


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