Daily Kos: From Blitzer Today: Hiding the Bodies, Part 2

From Blitzer Today: Hiding the Bodies, Part 2
by Richard Cranium [Subscribe]
Wed Sep 14th, 2005 at 20:47:31 CDT

or...The Recovery Continues

Ok, it's time for me to admit something. Over the past five years, the Bush administration has established an exemplary track record at something other than "spin" and keeping the journos in line.

They are masters at hiding dead people (see: Iraq).

First, they prohibit the media from accompanying corpse recovery efforts in New Orleans, and "ask" (well, ok, order) that pictures not be taken of the ones that were left lying around the NoLa central business district for days. Or floaters in the 9th ward. Or St. Bernard Parish. Or, well, anywhere for that matter.

Now, they're cordoning off entire sections of towns on the Gulf Coast with barbed wire...

More below the fold...

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Apparently, until the areas can be "disinfected" like Fallujah, we don't get to see what's going on:

BLITZER: We're getting some pretty amazing video in from Long Beach, Mississippi. Joining us now on the phone CNN producer Peter Tedeschi who is covering this story for us. Peter, tell our viewers what we're seeing.

PETER TEDESCHI, CNN PRODUCER: Well Wolf, we were just Long Beach, Mississippi, west of Gulfport a few hours ago. And we're seeing barbed wire strewn across the entire length of the city about a half mile up from the Gulf of Mexico. So when it's completed, we will see about four and a half miles of rolling barbed wire by a half mile down to the water.

What security guards there are telling us is that they want to keep looters out. But what some military police told me privately was that they expect to find a lot of bodies in the area, that they're finding a debris field where very nice, middle to upper middle class homes once existed. And that they can't even get into the debris field in order to be able to find the bodies.

They are also sending out special teams with the Long Beach Fire Department in order to see if they can find cadavers amongst the ruins. I'll tell you, it's among the worst damage that I've seen in my several days now in Mississippi. And it really is a wakeup call to realize that as much as we talk about some of the road to recovery, there's a very, very long, difficult road for many, many people ahead.

BLITZER: Peter Tedeschi is our producer, showing us this video. Thank you, Peter, very much.

Hint to Peter Tedeschi and CNN: that's the last time you'll get close until the casinos reopen.

Daily Kos: From Blitzer Today: Hiding the Bodies, Part 2


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