Daily Kos: Blogs for Bush: Their TOTALLY Fabricated Bullsh*t Rebuttal

Blogs for Bush: Their TOTALLY Fabricated Bullsh*t Rebuttal
by RNinNC
Fri Sep 30th, 2005 at 12:26:37 CDT

(From the diaries. Funny when Bush's internet minions take their cues from the least truthful administration in history -- kos)

After reading Hunter's AMAZING rant on the front page, I followed up by reading the original Blogs for Bush entry along with reader's comments. It's a dark world over there, with alot of back slapping for who delivers the ugliest anti-Democrat one liner. Nothing more shocking than would be expected. But then I looked up a bit at Noonan's response to Hunter's response, and got a bit queasy.

Noonan has listed some UGLY comments that he supposedly culled from responses to Hunter's diary. Problem is, I skimmed ALL of the responses, and found none of them. I looked in Hidden Comments, I even tried to search the comments of the User's he cited. Only one of them even existed, and he had no comments listed on his user page.

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From "Doglap al-Sadr":

I'd like to beat that fat b-----d loudmouthed f-----t limpaugh to within an inch of his life! He's a whiney f-----t like the REST of you little brownshirt cowards who like to ---- Bush's ----!

As far as I can tell, this guy has never posted on DailyKos and this comment is nowhere except on Noonan's website.

Ditto this PARTICULARLY ugly sentiment:
From "Steve J":

The sooner people like Mark & Peggy Noonan are hanging by meathooks from street lights, the better for America.
This is the one that made me go to check, because I couldn't believe that something THIS vitriolic would stand up. It's just not there.

Here's the rest of the bullshit that Noonan accuses us of hosting on DailyKos:
From "BergmaN":
From "Bob Roberson":
From "Herbert92X":
From "truepatriot": Death to the Republican party
From "BMurp":

The only user in this whole list who I could even find with a user page is truepatriot, who doesn't seem to have posted any comments. I posted a comment over there asking him to provide links directly to these offensive comments, but I don't expect that THAT will see the light of day.

So, they shake their heads over at Blogs for Bush, disgusted by the thought of who could ever SAY such things about them. What they don't realize is that their moderators are the ones making up this shit and feeding it to them like red meat to hungry fools. Fools who can't be bothered to even double check whether their fresh supply of outrage isn't just MORE bullshit lies from those they look to for leadership. Sad.

Daily Kos: Blogs for Bush: Their TOTALLY Fabricated Bullsh*t Rebuttal


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