Daily Kos: Bill O'Lielly gets his butt kicked by a dem - video

Bill O'Lielly gets his butt kicked by a dem - video
by AHiddenSaint
Thu Sep 22nd, 2005 at 14:42:02 CDT

Can we run Phil Donahue for President? Keep in mind this is Bill O'Lielly that he is standing up to. This is a must watch and learn from. The sad thing is I don't think Billy boy will learn from this one.

Cathy had the best summary of the clip so far

Bill, um or Billy as Donahue insists on calling him to my delight and others, starts off by introducing the segment with a "Cindy Sheehan is a radical nutjob, don't you know?" opening. Phil starts off by saying that you can't stop Sheehan no matter what you say, "she's one tough mother..." Billy acts like he has no idea why anyone would say that. Phil says, "because she's lost her son." Billy tersely and dismissively says "oh ok..."

Subject moves to the protest in DC this weekend and Phil challenges Billy to say why more kids should be sent to die? Would Billy send his kids? Or are you a coward willing to let other people's kids die? Whoa! Billy is pissed now. Billy nearly turns purple and starts talking about his nephew joing up and serving. Phil says "still that's not your kid.." Billy snarls about Phil denegrating his nephew's service. Phil says "Billy, this isn't Jeremey Gluck, you aren't shouting me down..."

Billy tells Phil he knows nothing aobut fighting terrorism and that he's clueless to want to cut and run. Phil says "we're cutting and running anyway! US military has said we're going to dwindle down..."

Billy is mostly chagrined the rest of the way. Honestly he looks like Phil has managed to embarrass him because Phil keeps his cool and never lets him up for air, totally unintimidated and unphased by the Big Bully Billy.

Daily Kos: Bill O'Lielly gets his butt kicked by a dem - video


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