Daily Kos: 600,000 Ugly Ducklings

600,000 Ugly Ducklings
by chicago dyke

C-Span will never, ever show the 300,000-600,000 strong march in the streets today. In order to marginalize citizen action in general, I'm sure both parties agree to only show "the crazies." Tomorrow there will be a counter-protest and perhaps march. I doubt those Protest Warrior types will fare much better in the eyes of Susie Soccer Mom and Joe Sixpack. (And I'd be surprised if there are more than 10,000, but I'm sure C-Span will provide visual representation that suggests `balance.')

I'm not even going to bother with what the SCLM will show, if anything, about this weekend's events. But I will make a point about the power of images, as I've touched on in an earlier post about TV. Think of it as the Ugly Ducking idea...

Take a look in the mirror, gentle reader. Are your eyes blue, slightly slanted upwards, and widely spaced? Is your skin a flawless shade of ivory, your waist a firm and trim 22"? Does your hair fall down your shoulders in natural, full curls and shine with gold and amber? No? Well, welcome to the majority of the human race- but don't look for work on TV.

Take a gander, fellow progressive, through your own memories. Is there some personal experience, some selfless friend or motivating teacher, which inspires you to care about one issue above all others? That's great, what makes you think anyone else should care about it? Who the hell do you think you are, someone important?

Listen to your own voice, does it project with power and clarity, causing others to fall silent and listen in rapt attention and awe? No? Well, that's too bad, because I guess you should never be on a televised rally for peace and justice. I guess you shouldn't presume to speak for your cause, and that you should just let the "professionals" speak for you. No one wants to hear you crack and stutter, you boring clod.

This former duckling says: fuck that. I believe about a half million other Swans for Justice joined me today, I'm sorry if their concerto of voices and brilliantly rainbow colored feathers offend you.

Daily Kos: 600,000 Ugly Ducklings


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