Constructive Interference: DeLay Indicted

This indictment brings out the culture of corruption that has become the Republican party's style of government. From DeLay to Frist to Plamegate to Abramoff, there are just too much criminal activity in the Republican leadership to describe. The Democrats will be forging a broad front strategy to highlight this rampant corruption in upcoming campaigns.

I also have to say that there is a striking contrast between having people in government, like the Clinton administration, who believe in government and having people, like the current or the Nixon administration, who despise government. It took eight years of continuous investigation of every rumor and innuendo, plus $75 Million, to find out that Clinton lied about oral sex. But with these Republican administrations the mere existence of any police or courts will quickly turn up conspiracy, bribery, fraud, murder, burglary, hush funds, and every other form of corruption. Let's return to putting people in authority who believe in the job that they are hired to be do.

Constructive Interference: DeLay Indicted


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